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Guaranteed Mortgage 2.99%

Guaranteed Mortgage 2.99%

- Maximum of 10,000,000 CZK
- The term of fixation is 2 years
- Example calculation for objects built in operation.
- Mortgage signature: 4/2024
- Expected withdrawal date: 5/2025
- End of 2-year fixation: 4/2026
- Purchase price: CZK 19,000,000
- Mortgage: CZK 10,000,000
- Loan repayment with a rate of 2.99%: CZK 42,106

We will buy your property in Prague.

- BOBOX offers a new financial program that allows you to exchange your home for a new one that is more energy efficient and spacious. This absolutely new program is intended for those who are interested in a new house from the BOBOX group, who own an apartment in Prague and want to use the proceeds from the sale of their old property to purchase a new house.

Financing model for the purchase of property "A"

- reservation agreement: payment 100,000, - CZK
- signatures of the agreement on the future purchase agreement: payment of 15-20% of total price
- upon receipt of documents on commissioning of the building, signing of the purchase agreement: payment of 80-85% of the total price

Financing model for the purchase of property "C" for already approved property

- reservation agreement: payment 100,000, - CZK
- signing of the purchase contract: payment of 100% of the total price, minus a deposit of Kč 100,000 for the reservation.

Participation model in the investment project.

- consultation meeting on acquaintance of models in participation of investment projects
- signing of contracts, depending on the selected financing models
- minimum investment amount from 1 ml CZK

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